Walking the Breakwater


View from the Victoria Breakwater by Michael Ridler

While in Victoria recently I took a walk out on the breakwater by the downtown harbour. It looks pretty long from shore but I was still surprised by the length of the walk once I got out there.

Upon heading out I thought it would be more interesting if I climbed down from the fenced sidewalk and scrambled along the large stepped rocks right down by the water. It definitely was.

Down by the water splashing around.

It was a fairly decent trek out to the bend where looking back I couldn’t see the shore anymore and looking forward I could make out the small lighthouse in the distance.

Looking out towards the lighthouse and then back around the bend towards shore.

I continued all the way out and around the point containing the lighthouse where I paused for a few minutes to take it all in. The city had faded away and I could hear nothing but the breeze and the waves splashing along the rocks.

It was quite the relaxing and interesting experience.

Where is your favourite place to walk and relax? Do you have a memorable walk someplace you’d like to return? Leave me a comment below.

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