Tired of Complainers



Lately it seems like there are more people complaining non-stop. Boss? Landlord? Bank? Utilities? City? All lazy bastards stealing our money and getting away with it.

It’s usually pretty easy to ignore this noise but it seems like the volume has been cranked up lately. It has me thinking about our collective desire to take responsibility for ourselves.

Our culture just seems to blame others for everything bad that happens. Debt? Wages? Rent? It’s never our fault and we can’t seem to accept that it may be the consequences of our actions.

Most of us would like a $40 an hour job but we can’t just decide we’re worth it and expect somebody to pay us. What did we do today to earn that much? What did we do last week or last year? Maybe even 5 years ago because these things can take time.

What’s the first step? Is it advancing from our current position? Is it a new skill? Is it more education? Is it a different career all together? Is it what we really want?

There are many excuses for not making any changes. I like my job. I like the hours. I like the low pressure. I like my family life. These are perfectly valid points and we should all be so lucky. But at this point we are making a choice. We can’t complain about the lack of money and complain we don’t want to advance at the same time. It makes no sense.

If we prefer the perks of the low paying job then we live without the perks of the high paying job. It’s just that simple. We each need to find the balance that works for us. Nobody owes us anything and we don’t deserve a free ride.

Decide what we want and invest in getting there.

Acknowledge our situation and move forward with our best.

Stop complaining and start creating solutions instead!


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