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and avoiding social media spoilers.

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If you’re anything like me then your PVR is probably bursting at the seams while your favourite shows pile up endlessly. It happens to me all the time so I can feel your pain.

I’m generally okay with it since I manage to stay current with Game of Thrones. Let’s face it, does any other show really matter all that much?

The Tour de France is the big one that catches me every July. Since it airs very early in the morning I set the recordings and watch them in the evening before I go to bed. I will usually fall a day or two behind in the process.

This typically means avoiding both news and social media all day long. A constant barrage of updates and headlines is a sure fire way to ruin everything. Sports are the worst because one quick image of a jersey instantly gives away the final.

Short of ignoring the rest of my life and living in front of the television is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

What are your strategies for avoiding spoilers? Leave a comment below.

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