Hotel Life Isn’t So Bad


Due to my son’s affinity for sports we spend a good number of weekends in hotels. Also, the nature of my job puts me in a hotel on a sporadic but fairly regular basis. I’m currently in the middle of a 11 day run, which is longer than average.

Many people don’t like the hotel life but it isn’t so bad if I do it right. I’ll start by picking a good hotel that’s priced right. This will provide me with a good breakfast to start my day and Wi-Fi to wind it down.

Typical Hotel Room

On a sports weekend there is always a busy schedule to keep and finding some relaxing down time can be tricky. Lots of pillows propped up in front of the TV can help me re-energize pretty quickly. The kids will usually relax with their Instagram, Snapchat or some online game.

There’s usually a team dinner on Saturday night which can be a bit loud. But it’s less chaotic than you might think considering there can be more than 30 people involved. It helps that the kids have all done it countless times.

Now don’t get me wrong, eating at a restaurant can be a good treat. However an endless string of sauced up and greasy food is not the best choice. To this end I usually bring an electric skillet to prepare some healthy food. I give myself bonus points for saving some money too.

Skillet full of vegetables and beef

On this particular trip I’ve made a couple of visits to the grocery store and stayed pretty close to the skillet. I’ve actually only been in a restaurant once over the first 7 days. Milestones Baby!

These trips by myself definitely provide a lot of down time to relax and catch up on whatever interests me. I’ve been wandering around town taking in the sights and earlier today I was roaming down by the river.

Only 4 more days to go until I can travel home and be with the family again. I’ll make the best of it, take care of myself and enjoy the moments as they come along.

Do you have any tips for making an extended hotel stay a little more bearable? Leave a comment below.

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