Wrap It Up — Being Efficient & Productive


Wrap It Up — Being Efficient & Productive

Do you ever struggle with finishing up and moving on to the next project? Today I’m talking about wrapping it up as part of a system for being efficient and productive.

This is the sixth post in my series. You can find the introduction here to see what you’re going to get. If you prefer video you can watch the video below or take a look at the series playlist on my youtube channel.

So far we’ve talked about making your plan and getting prepared, staying focused and consistent as well as using leverage and being delusional.

Today we’re talking about wrapping it up so you can get on with the next project.

After you get through all that other stuff there comes a time when you need to pull the plug, wrap it up and move on to the next thing.

Sometimes we have a fear of judgement or acceptance or some other vague feeling that we can’t quite explain any time we say something is done. It’s kind of like we’re saying “This is the best I can do” or “This is peak me”. Perhaps we feel that if other people don’t think it’s perfect then we must have failed in some way.

That’s a load of Hooey!

Saying you’re done just means you’re done. It means you’ve wrapped it up and moved on.

There will always be something you want to change, add, fix up or tweak just little bit. Always. It doesn’t matter what you do. If you spend too much time on a project, your list of things keeps getting longer and longer.

Spend enough time to make it valuable, complete and high quality, no doubt about it. But don’t spend more time than you need. Don’t poke around waiting until everything is perfect. Remember, being done is better than being perfect.

Just make your project and put it out there. Take a look back at it. Think about it. Then get on with it and make the next one.

This is how we all get better. Simple repetition. Trial and error. Wash, rinse and repeat as our shampoo bottles like to say.

Putting something out there, even if it’s not perfect, makes you want to get a little bit better. You will want to improve your skills, or learn a new one. You will want to put something else out there as a follow up. That’s really all there is to it.

On that note, we’re going to wrap up the series right here.

Over the course of the series we talked about a few high level steps to help you move through your projects.

Planning your project by creating an outline with your most important thoughts and points.

Preparing both your physical space and your head space to keep you moving forward without delays.

Focusing on your task at hand by removing your distractions. Then taking regular breaks to recharge yourself and briefly indulge in your distractions.

Consistently pacing your effort and your output with systems of small goals that are right in front of you.

Leveraging your existing skills that are buried inside all the things you’re already good at.

Being delusional with “king of the world” type stuff. Pouncing like a tiger and staying charged up with energy to keep your effort at a high level.

And of course, wrapping it up. Just like you, I have a lot great ideas bouncing around in my head and it’s time to move on and get started on those.

I want you to leave a comment down below. Did any of this help you or inspire you in some way? I learned a lot and was inspired just by clarifying my strategies and moving through the steps of making the series.

Hopefully this series will help you along your journey and give you some useful tips. I have more great content coming up so stay tuned.

I’ll see you next time.

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