Is Amazon a Search Engine?


In North America we tend to think of Google as the search engine. It’s so deep in our culture that almost everybody has said “Did you try googling that?” countless times. Perhaps Bing or Yahoo is top of your list but that’s about it for most people. Although, I’m pretty sure “Did you try binging that?” will never catch on.

Google is the search king.

Google, Youtube, Amazon — Search Kings

This year I’ve begun thinking about Youtube as a search engine. When I’m looking for video content I go straight to Youtube. Why mess around with Google? Youtube is great at giving me exactly what I want, nobody else can touch them. Of course, this makes sense considering that Youtube is owned by Google.

Youtube is the video search king.

More recently I’ve been thinking about Amazon as a search engine. When I’m ready to purchase, or just window shopping, I head straight for Amazon. It doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else first. Amazon shows all my options and gives me a big shiny purchase button. I’ll click through to an official site for more details, but that’s about it. Amazon is so embedded in our thoughts that most of us will say “I’m waiting for the Amazon box.” regardless of what we actually purchased.

Amazon is the shopping search king.

As content developers and marketers we absolutely need to be optimized for Google, Youtube and Amazon to be successful.

Search is king. All flavours of search.

Which search engine do you use the most? Is it one I haven’t mentioned? Is there another one lurking and getting ready to take over its niche? Leave a comment below.

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PS: This is the first search engine I ever used. We’ve come a long way.

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