That Person in the Meeting


Photo by from Pexels

The one telling jokes and disrupting. The one telling stories about every situation. The one distracted with their phone. The one showing up late. Let’s call that person Dillon.

Dillon is showing a lack of respect for everyone who has chosen to spend their time in the meeting. A few of them probably feel they have something more important to do. But they are still attending and present. Some people are bringing information into the meeting for others. Some are hoping to take information away from the meeting. Perhaps both. Dillon is ruining the meeting for all of them.

Sometimes Dillon isn’t even aware they are disrupting. Although there’s no excuse for that unless Dillon is a zombie. Hopefully Dillon isn’t a zombie.

With any group of people in a room for an hour you’re bound to see Dillon sitting at the table. If not, then you might be Dillon. Don’t be Dillon.

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