Things I’ve Seen – Feb 15


Hello friends, this is a quick look at some interesting things that entered my life. Hopefully something here will catch your interest as well.

There’s a space theme this week starting with an animated video about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity from BBC Reel. Then we take a quick look at what the American, European and Russian space agencies are up to.

BBC Reel — The future may be set in stone

NASA — NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Shrinking its Mars Orbit to Prepare for Mars 2020 Rover

ESA — Gaia Clocks New Speeds For Milky Way — AndromedaCollision

ROSCOSMOS — International Space Station, Map of the Modules

One Interesting photo to wrap it up

It’s not a space photo because I haven’t taken any yet. It’s a small campfire chimney. But it looks a bit like a rocket engine doesn’t it?

A small campfire chimney.

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