3 1/2 Mobile Photography Tips


Capturing the moment has never been easier now that we have a great camera in our pocket most of the time.

Here are some quick tips to make your mobile photography pop and add a little bit of interest.

Tip 1: Frame Your Shot

Keep your main subject away from the centre of your photo, unless it’s huge. About 1/3 from the left or right edge is a good starting point. Take a moment looking around your subject. Is there anything else of interest in the background or the foreground? If so, include it in your shot. If not, use the open space to help draw the eye where you want it to go.

Taking a few steps backwards and to the right to include the light post.

Tip 2: Use a Different Angle

Move down low for more interesting perspectives. Moving up high works too but can be difficult. The change in perspective can add dimension to your photos. It can also reveal more interesting items to include in your shot.

Taking a few steps to the left and crouching down to include the bench.

Tip 3: Remove Distractions

Is there anything hanging about behind your subject? Signs, trees, plants, poles etc. Move around and change your angle to get these things away from your subject. Anything poking out of your subject will draw the eye where you don’t want it to go.

Taking a few steps to the left to get the light pole away from the hockey net.

Tip 3 1/2: Hold Your Phone Sideways

Always. No questions asked.

Take your time and shoot the same picture while moving the camera around at different angles. Experiment with open space and background or foreground objects.

Sit back and look at all your pictures afterwards to figure out which ones you like the most. It won’t take long for your own style to develop.

What is your best photo tip? What are your favourite subjects? Do you prefer daytime or nighttime shots? Leave a comment below.

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