Things I’ve Seen – Mar 1


Hello friends, this is a quick look at some interesting things that entered my life. Hopefully something here will catch your interest as well.

We’ll start by estimating some of Hulks strength before moving on to artificial intelligence that can write so well it’s scary. We’ll follow that with a tiny home community coming to Alberta and finish with a look at why some galaxies co-exist and others wipe each other out.

Men’s Health — The Incredible Hulk’s Exact Strength Has Been a Mystery — Until Now

CBC — The writing of this AI is so human that its creators are scared to release it

Calgary Sun — Tiny homes community approved for Okotoks

NASA — Why Do Some Galactic Unions Lead to Doom?

One Interesting photo to wrap it up

Inside the mall at The Venetian in Las Vegas. You need to walk through here.

The Venetian mall in Las Vegas

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