Things I’ve Seen -Mar 8


Hello friends, this is a quick look at some interesting things that entered my life. Hopefully something here will catch your interest as well.

We’ll start with Fast Company looking at a couple of Google apps that are trying to improve quality of life for people with hearing problems. We’ll swing over to the BBC for a video of a couple who became financially independent at a young age. We’ll wrap it up with CBC looking at an alternative for youth hockey and Canada’s contribution to future moon missions.

Fast Company — Google’s new Android apps listen to the world for the hard of hearing

BBC — We stopped needing to work in our 30s

CBC — Alberta’s Hockey Super League gains momentum from players looking for elitestream

CBC — Canada’s heading to the moon: A look at the Lunar Gateway

One Interesting photo to wrap it up

A solitary Joshua Tree against a partially blue sky.

Joshua Tree in the desert landscape.

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