Ridiculous Specifications


While shopping for an RV generator I found one specifically listed as “less than 94.8 pounds.”

Is that really necessary?

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

They’re telling me it’s at least 94.71 pounds yet no more than 94.79 pounds.

For the sake of precision, that’s somewhere between 1,515.36 ounces and 1,516.64 ounces which is a difference of 1.28 ounces, or 36.29 grams for us metric folks.

36 grams at the most, probably less. It’s likely less than the weight of the stickers on the outside.

Saying it weighs less than 95 pounds is more than accurate enough.

36 grams makes a difference when I purchase my Tour de France bike or upgrade my Falcon 9 booster but not for my RV generator.

What’s the most ridiculous or unnecessary specification you’ve seen?

PS: Shouldn’t the weight be described as 94 lbs 12 oz rather than 94.8 lbs? That seems weird.

*Update: The one I wound up purchasing was listed at 98.1 lbs so there was certainly more important features.

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