Procrastination or Prudence?


Pressing the snooze button on decision making is a trap. It might feel like prudence but it’s likely procrastination.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s true that some decisions need time for a deep dive and serious thought. You don’t want to rush those ones. In fact it’s prudent to set aside time and do those properly.

However it’s usually better to make decisions quickly. If you feel too busy now then in what way will you be less busy later?

By thinking about decisions for awhile then ignoring them you’ll be adding stress to your day by spending twice the time thinking about them. Who has time for that?

Procrastinating will leave you with a pile of distractions that tend to build up like debt accumulating interest. You have a limited supply of decision making energy, spend it wisely.

You probably already know the answer anyway.

When was the last time somebody snoozed a decision to your question? Are you currently snoozing a decision on somebody else? Leave a comment below.

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