My Beyond Meat Taste Test


Plant based meats are here so I ate my first Beyond Meat burger and it was good. I’m not a vegetarian but I wanted to give it a try.

I decided to try it with a burger I know the taste of, A&W Teen Burger, since it gave me a good reference point. The clerk’s response when I ordered was “Do you still want the bacon on that?” Hell yeah!

Chomping on a plain beyond patty and a plain beef patty would highlight the differences but that’s not a real world test. I want a patty surrounded by the good stuff.

Overall I like the burger. Sure, it tastes different but any good burger will taste different than other burgers. I won’t say it’s better or worse, just different. It’s not a bad thing. There isn’t any strange texture or aftertaste, it simply tastes like a burger.

Next time I’ll get the take home patties and grill them up with all the fixings.

Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat

It seems like plant based meats are coming whether we’re ready or not. Only time will tell if there are any health concerns like too much sodium or other additives.

Will I switch away from beef? No, I like it too much. Will I eat plant based meat again? Yes, I’ll be keeping an eye out for options at the grocery store.

I still need to try the Impossible Foods burger which is supposed to taste more like beef.

Have you tried any plant based meats yet? Are you planning to? Leave a comment below.

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