A Vacation in Oahu, Hawaii


I’ll be the first to admit that my blogging habits have been hit and miss over the years. I was thinking about my blogging skills after a recent vacation to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Spoiler: It’s beautiful and I absolutely loved it.

Anyway, during the vacation I didn’t make a single blog. Even worse, the thought never occurred to me. It’s not like I made a decision not to blog, I never even thought about it. Not once.

Waikiki Beach near Sunset

Let’s face it, a bad looking vacation blog would be pretty tough to make in Hawaii. I could point the camera anywhere and get a good looking photo.

To be clear, I was thinking about the scenery and the views all the time. I was wandering around taking pictures of everything under the sun, including the sun. Which reminds me, the sunsets at Waikiki Beach are not to be missed.

Waikiki Beach at Sunset

We went to Kualoa Ranch which is where a lot of movies like Jurassic Park and Kong: Skull Island were filmed. I recommend the zip line tour which is a blast.

The ocean views at Kualoa Ranch
The jagged peaks at Kualoa Ranch

We went up to the North Shore for a Caged Shark Swim which was very cool. It was a bit surreal making eye contact with a 12ft Galapagos Shark swimming toward me. I was a little seasick bobbing around on the boat but it was after our swim so all was well.

After the sharks we stopped by a bay known for Sea Turtles, but only saw a couple small ones in the waves.

The waves at a North Shore bay

We hiked the Diamond Head Crater one morning before the heat really kicked in. I recommend taking some water and going very early because the heat and the crowds get into high gear very fast.

The ocean view at Diamond Head Crater

I was constantly looking for interesting angles, but I never once thought about blogging. Perhaps I was too wrapped up in the vacation, taking a well needed rest, or simply living in the moment?

Views around Waikiki Beach

I feel like blogging along the way would change the experience. I’d be thinking about shots, angles, crowds, talking points, story threads, and all that jazz. Looking back I’m glad I was just soaking it all in with no expectations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the line between blogging and experiencing the world.

Do you take time out of your vacation to make blog posts? Do you plan your blog posts and stories then save it all for your return home? Leave a comment below.

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